Dr. Jerome Bilet, brings more than thirty years of experience in several industries, including technology and IT, cybersecurity, aerospace & defence, space, and real-estate. Prior to joining Hartland Capital, Jerome was a partner at Alegro Capital, a City of London-based  investment bank he joined in 2007. Before becoming an investment banker, Jerome was an entrepreneur for more than 25 years, during which period he formed, managed and sold several companies. Of late, he was founder and CEO of  Chronicle Solutions Plc -- an Anglo-American software and hardware company pioneering data  mining and cybersecurity solutions, and of ESIA (Luxembourg) SA -- an international group of  security and defence companies. Jerome also served as adviser to some governments, as well as to  industrial companies. Jerome is Senior Advisor to OIS-Europe, a leading European offset advisory firm specialising in  opportunities within India. Jerome is an executive director of Outernet Limited, a subsidiary of Consolidated Group, the  London-based property group.  Jerome holds a PhD in Finance (received with honours) and he is an accountant.  He published a book “Future Markets & Petroleum Economy Management” (Economica, 1984) and  wrote several industry-specific papers, such as “Litigation and Electronic Records Disclosure”  (2004), “Monitoring of Electronic Communications & Retention of Electronic Records” (2004),  “Artificial Neural networks, Patterns Recognition and Unstructured Data” (2007) and “Morphing  structures for Unmanned Aircraft Systems” (2010). Some of his affiliations include the Society of  Government Economists, the U.S. National Defense Industrial Association, the American Finance  Association and the U.S. Institute of Mathematical Statistics. jbilet@hartlandcapital.com +44 (0)7 712 14 15 16    Corporate Finance Advisory and Consulting    © 2013 Hartland Capital - All rights reserved Terms and Conditions | Disclaimer Associé Bienvenue Conseil M&A Contact